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9 de septiembre de 2015

Remote Spanish Village, Larger Than Texas

Lo Garrofer - Honrubia

A TOWN IN THE Spanish province of Cuenca, some one-hundred miles from Madrid, is significantly larger than Texas. The updated geographical data for this unassuming village does not come as a surprise to the locals of Honrubia, as the surprisingly endless town is called. "We always knew it was rather large", says Jacinto Bodonal Cuervo, who runs a motel on the CM-3112, a secondary road that bisects the town across a mile and a half infinitude of weathered black top flanked by hangars of hog oilers, drag harrows and other obsolete farming equipment. Soledad Nieva, mayor of this massive village known for its honey and royal jelly, is equally unshaken by the new data; in fact, her own house abuts a lot with some fig trees and hives which rivals in size with the Gulf of Mexico.